1931 Chevrolet Roadster

This beautiful 1931 Chevrolet Roadster belongs to Lydia Mellet of Alberton

still has original all-steel body and chassis with the original wooden frame

there's a dickey-seat that opens up for extra passengers

Running on a 60ís "Chevy SS" front and rear suspension

with disc brakes up front and drums on the rear

four great sounding exhaust pipes

original steel bumpers

love those running boards

beautiful curves of the 1931 Roadster

original lights and horn

Original seats upholstered in leather

 a great Chevy roadster of yesteryear

there is a soft-top roof if you need, but feeling the wind in your hair is sheer bliss

love those mudguards

the 350 cubic inch Chev V8, breathing through a 600CFM Holley carb

lovely Lydia Mellet with HER 31 Chev Roadster


Motor is a 350 cubic inch Chev V8 breathing through a 600CFM double barrel Holley carb and Edelbrock intake manifold.

Gearbox is a 450 Turbo Automatic transmission.

Ignition is Malory electronic ignition distributor.

Lydia enjoys the car, the shows and mostly the "rubber necking" while driving her car and encourages more ladies to get involved in the Street Rodding scene.


Photos and words by Kenn Slater