1932 Ford Coupe


one mean mother of a Hot Rod!

body of a 1932 Ford Coupe, engine is a 350 Chevrolet

American Racing Wheels are 10 1/2 X 20" rear & 7 1/2 X 17" front

power is supplied by 350 Chevy motor with Detroit blower

took 5 years to build this Hot Rod

power to rear wheels via Turbo 350 auto box with Jaguar diff and suspension

interior by Keith, steering by Ididit and gauges by Dolphin

front suspension copied off a Mustang

Rodney Burnett with his pride and joy


'32 Ford Coupe 3-window Hot Rod Spec Sheet:

Engine: 350 Chevy

Fuel: Detroit Blower

Power: Almost 500bhp

Gearbox: Turbo 350

Differential and Rear Suspension: Jaguar

Front Suspension: Copied off and modified from Ford Mustang II

Wheels: American Racing Wheels: Front: 7 1/2 X 17" Rear: 10 1/2 X 20"

Interior: Western Street Rods - Seats from Opel Astra

Steering: Ididit

Gauges: Dolphin

Paint: Dean

Years to build: 5

Chassis-Rails and Fiber-glass body: Imported from USA

Built by: Keith Potgieter of Western Street Rods in Roodepoort, Johannesburg


Words and photos by Kenn Slater