Bikes, babes and bands on Margate beachfront.

Niall Bernic posing with Harleys and friends outside Mugg & Bean

It’s about 8:00pm on Friday night and we have just arrived in Margate central. It’s been a gruelling 12-hour ride in the Bike SA truck and my dad and I are battling to keep our eyes open. On our way to check into The Margate Hotel, ahem, I mean Harley Davidson Hotel the smell and racquet from the adjoining Keg says, “Oi, you not sleeping tonight mate!” So we off loaded our baggage and as fate would have it, five minutes later we were in the pub nodding our heads to ‘The Silver Creek Mountain Band’, and what a sight they were. I’m talking about lyrics involving Moonshine, black nail polish, bare feet with a toe ring, a long white beard, and a banjo – HEEHAA! Two hours of quenching our thirsts with old buddies lead us into the Mardi Gras that is Africa Bike Week. This set the mood for the next three days of this awesome rally.

Harley trike

biker babe

Harley and Jack Daniels... mmmm

dudes at the Easy Rider stand with a Jesse Rooke chop

sexy biker chick at the Moto Cinch stand


a variety of bikes

Frankie from Rolling Thunder flanked by his wife and friend

bikes, bikes everywhere... all sorts

in front of the BikeSA truck

Saturday morning was woken up by the sounds and tremors, of what could be described as thunder, as thousands of Harley Davidson’s thumped through Margate on their mass ride to Port Shepstone. And then it was silent; the locals took a deep breath followed by a sigh of relief. A few even drove past and asked, “wat gaan hier aan?” and then rapidly left with a look of dismay on their faces upon hearing the news that the thunder would be sure to return very soon.


Lizette from Nelspruit  with her stunning Harley

Lizette's Headlight

Exile Harley chopper - check the bars

Simon and Sharon visit us at their BikeSA truck

beautiful pair

leather & lace...

Harley Sidecar

They returned and within moments every square centimetre of kerb was lined with all sorts, weird and wonderful, of motorcycles and their human enthusiasts admiring in wonder. You name it and it was there. From a Harley padded with a sheepskin seat and buck hide tassels to a Goldwing trike with more neon lights than I could shake a stick at.

Harley's Africa Bike Week...

As the afternoon took form The Bike Week slipped into its party dress, spurred on by ale and great music. The most memorable moment was when people just stood in awe as the vocalist from Clint & Co. stunned them with his versatile and multi linguistic voice. He then completely stumped them by mingling with the crowd whilst singing; the beer tent was his stage. The festivities continued on late into the early hours of the morning and then in a sense of déjà vu, it all went silent again.

David Eagar doing his stunt thingy with a Harley V-Rod

chicky guitarist

some dudes posing behind Harry's from 'The Biker Store' chop

the lekker little 'Hard Knock" chopper


the ladies of 'The Journey Of Hope'

Sheep-skin seat enol


Early the next morning a few deserted Harleys stood in obscure places in which they must have been forgotten the night before whilst their owners crawled off to bed. The biking vibe and camaraderie slowly started itself anew again and it wasn’t long until Sunday would repeat the events of Saturday.

Clint - of Clint & Co

pretty woman


Kenn & Heather (husband John took the photo)

Dylan wants one of these

I left with two over-whelming emotions - One; I now desperately want to own a Harley Davidson, and two; What a weekend!


Words by Dylan Slater - photos by Dylan & Kenn Slater