Audi Q7 4.2 TDI V8

The "Q" in the name refers to the roots of the Audi Q7: Quattro permanent all-wheel drive. In the Q7, the latest generation of the outstanding all-wheel drive train guarantees variable, on-demand power distribution in almost any driving situation - a clear commitment to superior driving enjoyment, dynamics, sportiness and safety.

The result of all these technological advancements? A car that drives as good as it looks.

well-mannered, top-of-the-range Audi Q7 with ALL the bells and whistles

great luxury on the road

Since 1982 Audi has created quattro for its cars. Now, in 2008 it’s created a car for quattro. The Q7 is a combination of pedigree, sophistication and premium class luxury. The 5-door Audi Q7 is designed to set new standards in off-road capabilities. It elegantly continues the dynamism of the Quattro - permanent all-wheel drive range.

Its mean, athletic posture is not merely for aesthetic appeal. It’s big and fast and mega powerful, and at the cutting-edge of design, suspension and lateral stability, which translates into a great driving experience, whatever the terrain may be.

Perfectly proportioned, the Audi Q7 is game for almost anything. This kind of performance is motivated by a brute 4.2 -litre V8 TDI motor that develops 240kW and has a maximum torque of 760Nm.

Performance and technology is combined with class-leading space, with electronically controlled damping system, Adaptive Air Suspension and 28 ways to get comfortable in your seat. The second row of seats is one with a view – it is slightly elevated for a panoramic feel. The spaciousness offers plenty leg and head room, but if it’s more seating you need, a third row of seats is available as an optional extra, giving you and six others a chance to experience Audi at its finest. An agile beauty with brains.

With Vorsprung durch Technik in its DNA, it’s no surprise that the Audi Q7 is almost in a class of it’s own. Just like its muse, it’s destined to revolutionize.

The Audi Q7 unites the qualities of an off-roader with the dynamics of a powerful sports sedan. Form and function do not simply cohabit, they merge together into a finely tuned masterpiece, making it impossible to determine where form ends and function begins.

Every detail has been carefully thought through. Every element serves a purpose. Every part contributes to create an exceptional car. Even the driving area is angled towards the driver. And the second row of seats can be quickly folded down, to allow for over 2000 litres of packing space.

Much of the Q7 is altogether different, and yet with its powerful sporty styling, flowing coupe lines tapered to the rear and dynamic side view with high shoulder line, it is also unmistakably an Audi. The sweeping design of the wraparound tailgate, the integrated rear lights, low centre of gravity and optimised roof spoiler all combine to create the sportiest SUV on the road… and off it.


A premium SUV cannot simply look good. It must deliver. It must provide ample torque even at low engine speeds, it must be as flexible as it is strong, with vigorous pulling power when needed and a smooth, easily controlled flow of power, and with it’s massive 760Nm of torque, the Q7 4.2 TDI moves quickly and effortlessly.

The 4.2 V8 TDI offers concentrated power, getting from 0 – 100kph in just 8.2 seconds and represents the latest in high-tech diesel technology. With a top speed of over 210kph, and a standard particulate filter, this is one of the most environmentally friendly diesel engines available.

The 4.2 TDI boasts a 6-speed Tiptronic automatic gearbox with Dynamic Shift Programme (DSP) uniquely optimised for the Q7.

With the inspiration behind the Q7 being quattro permanent all-wheel drive, you can be sure of supreme driving dynamics thanks to a new-generation quattro drive train with asymmetrical torque distribution (60/40). Add to this the optional Adaptive Air Suspension (ensuring the ideal ride height across every terrain), servotronic steering and firm, reliable braking - and you have a truly outstanding vehicle.


The list of the Audi Q7's technological advancements is almost as long as its wheel base. There's the electronically controlled damping system, Adaptive Air Suspension, Audi's MMI (Multi Media Interface), a new generation Satellite Navigation System Plus, and 28-way adjustable seats. And that's just for starters…

Possessing the latest generation ESP (with on and off road functions), the Q7 also includes a Roll Stability Programme (RSP) that stabilises the vehicle if it is in danger of rolling. Add to this an electronically operating towbar, trailer stabilisation system that can stabilise a swinging trailer, and hill descent assist (which maintains an even speed while descending).

Should you find yourself in the concrete jungle, with a tight parking space, Vorsprung is on hand to help. Audi's Advanced Parking System (APS) incorporates a camera into the tailgate of the Q7. The image is straightened out (complete with guiding lines), and displayed on your MMI display. This system is activated automatically when engaging reverse gear.

Audi's Lane Change Assist monitors upcoming traffic using radar sensors, assisting in making a safe lane change. And for the first time, Adaptive Cruise Control is able to operate from 0-200 kph, with the ability to brake the vehicle to a standstill if necessary. If the radar sensor detects that a vehicle or object in front (up to 180 metres away) is losing speed rapidly, a visual signal on the instrument panel will combine with an audible warning to inform the driver that a critical situation is arising. If the driver does not respond appropriately, the brakes are applied sharply and shortly, building up braking pressure so that the brakes take effect sooner when next applied.


The safety of you, your passengers and even the safety of pedestrians, has played a major part in creating of the Audi Q7. After more than a week with the Q7 I discovered that style need not be sacrificed for safety. The effective combination of Quattro permanent all-wheel drive, the latest version of ESP and innovative driver assistance systems are all evidence of Audi's commitment to stop accidents - before they've even started.

If a dangerous situation should arise, the Audi Q7's passive safety features provide optimum protection and peace of mind. The unique Sideguard Head Airbag System is standard. This system extends over the entire side-window area down to the door cappings for all three rows of seats, and remains inflated after triggering off in order to maintain occupant protection in the event of a secondary collision. The Q7's high-strength bodyshell with energy-absorbing elements ensure that should the need arise, energy is absorbed away from the all-important occupant zone.


Adaptive Air Suspension

With electronically controlled damping, you have the choice of five different levels of suspension. A button in the luggage compartment also serves to adjust the load level.

4-zone deluxe automatic air conditioner

Not just a deluxe air conditioner, temperature settings and air distribution can be adjusted separately at the rear on left and right. With independent units for the 2nd and 3rd row of seats, comfort can now be measured in degrees.

Multi Media Interface

The MMI (Multi Media Interface) allows the driver of an Audi to control all vehicle and infotainment components logically, simply and intuitively. Communication, information, entertainment and vehicle systems can be controlled via MMI terminal in the centre console and monitored on the MMI display in the dashboard.

Satellite Navigation

The new Audi Navigation System Plus offers even more outstanding features than before.

To choose your destination, simply enter the postal code and the street name. Or you can select special destinations saved on the navigation DVD - from airports to cinemas, shopping centres or border crossings, the options are endless. Alternatively, you can also select a destination using your cursor on the large colour display map. The new Audi Navigation System Plus gives you up to three different routes to choose from - so you can choose the shortest, fastest, or most scenic route. This intelligent system takes traffic information into account and shows you the length of the route, as well as estimated time of arrival. The new split-screen function allows you to view the map on one side of the screen while displaying supplementary information alongside.

Driver Assistance

The Advanced Parking System (APS) incorporates a camera into the tailgate of the Audi Q7. The image is straightened out (complete with guiding lines), and displayed on your MMI display. This system is activated automatically when engaging the reverse gear.

Audi's Lane Change Assist monitors upcoming traffic using radar sensors, assisting in making a safe lane change.

And for the first time, Adaptive Cruise Control is able to operate from 0-200 km/h, with the ability to brake the vehicle to a standstill if necessary.


and just as great in the dirt

mega power (760Nm) from the 4.2 turbo-diesel V8

roughing it in style

thumbs up for the very capable Q7


Engine / electrics Q7 4.2 TDI quattro® Tiptronic
Alternator in A / battery in A/Ah 190 / 520/110
Displacement in cc / bore x stroke in mm / compression 4134 / 83.0 x 95.5 / 16.5:1
Emission category EU4
Engine management Diesel direct injection, Bosch EDC16CP; piezo injectors, 1600 bar; eight-hole injector nozzles, intercooler, swirl and tangential intake ports, swirl flaps
Exhaust emission control Two oxidising catalytic converters as primary catalytic converters, water-cooled exhaust-gas recirculation, two maintenance-free diesel particulate filters
Max. power output in kW (bhp) / at rpm 240 (326) / 3750
Max. torque in Nm / at rpm 760 / 1,800 - 2500
Type of engine V8 diesel engine with second-generation common rail injection system, turbocharging with two VTG turbochargers
Valve gear / number of valves per cylinder Double overhead camshafts, roller cam followers / 4
Drive / transmission Q7 4.2 TDI quattro® Tiptronic
Clutch Hydraulic torque converter with lock-up clutch
Drive type quattro permanent four-wheel drive with asymmetric/dynamic torque split (40:60) and self-locking centre differential
Final drive ratio / reverse gear 3.394 / 3.27
Gear ratio in 1st gear / 2nd gear 4.148 / 2.37
Gear ratio in 3rd gear / 4th gear 1.556 / 1.155
Gear ratio in 5th gear / 6th gear 0.859 / 0.686
Gearbox type 6-speed tiptronic with dynamic shift program DSP and sport mode
Running gear / steering / brakes Q7 4.2 TDI quattro® Tiptronic
Brake system, front/rear Dual-circuit brake system with diagonal split; anti-lock braking system ABS with electronic brake-force distribution EBD, electronic differential lock EDL, traction control system ASR and electronic stabilisation program ESP
Front suspension Double-wishbone suspension with steering behind the axle, aluminium wishbones, subframe and anti-roll bar
Rear suspension Double-wishbone suspension with separate upper control arms and track rod at rear, aluminium wishbones, subframe and anti-roll bar
Steering / steering ratio / turning circle in m (D102) Rack-and-pinion power steering with variable steering ratio / 16.5 (centre position) / 12.0
Wheels / tyres Lightweight forged aluminium wheels, 7-arm design, Size 8.0J x 18 / 255/55 R18
Performance / consumption / acoustics Q7 4.2 TDI quattro® Tiptronic
Acceleration 0-100 km/h in sec 6.4
CO2; mass emission, g/100 km 294
Fuel consumption: urban/extra urban/overall, l/100 km 14.9 / 8.9 / 11.1
Fuel grade Diesel, at least 51 CN
Maximum speed in km/h 236
Standing / drive-past exterior noise level in dB (A) 80 / 71
Servicing / warranty Q7 4.2 TDI quattro® Tiptronic
Long-life service after a maximum of According to service interval 1)
Oil change / Long-life service According to service indicator up to 30,000 km / max. 2 years
Vehicle / paint / rust penetration warranty 2 years with unlimited mileage / 3 years / 12 years
Weights / loads Q7 4.2 TDI quattro® Tiptronic
Axle load limit at front / rear in kg 1580 / 1660
Roof load limit in kg / permissible nose weight in kg 100 / 140
Trailer load limit on 8% / 12% gradient, braked / unbraked in kg 3500 / 750
Unladen weight in kg / gross weight limit in kg 2420 / 3115
Capacities Q7 4.2 TDI quattro® Tiptronic
Cooling system capacity (incl. heating) in litres Approx. 18.0
Engine oil capacity (incl. filter) in litres 11.3
Fuel tank capacity in litres 100
Body / dimensions Q7 4.2 TDI quattro® Tiptronic
Body type Unitary steel body with aluminium add-on parts
Drag coefficient cD / frontal area A in m˛ 0.35 at motorway level / 2.87
Height of loading lip in mm (H195) 836 (765 at load level)
Length (L103) / width excl. mirrors (W103) / height (H100), mm 5086 / 1983 / 1697 - 1772 (as adaptive air suspension standard)
Luggage capacity in l, acc. to VDA block method (V211) 775 / 2035
Number of doors / seats 5 / 5 seats (optional 6 or 7 seats)
Wheelbase (L101) / track at front/rear (W101/W102) in mm 3002 / 1651 / 1676
Price R738,500.00
Optional Extras       (fitted to our test vehicle) R81,500.00
Total Price       (as at August 2008) R820,000.00


clean dash layout keeps you informed

the big 4.2 V8 TDI (Turbo Diesel Injection) motor pulls like a train...

...pulled this 1-ton load without any sweat

Photos by Dylan and Kenn Slater


Thanks to Athol Van Heerden, Meena Motiram and all at Audi SA for the exciting, plush drive.

The Audi Q7 was such fun to drive - attracting envious stares wherever we went.