Audi R8 4.2 FSI V8

exciting, elegant, exquisite and very fast... that's the Audi R8 4.2 FSI V8

Audi pushes the envelope with this beauty

great behind... what most will see

One look at the new Audi R8 immediately reveals the source of this super carís power. Behind the passenger seats, beneath a transparent cover lies the 4.2-litre V8 FSI engine, a glimpse into the power and capability behind the new Audi R8ís performance.

This high-revving naturally aspirated engine benefits the driver with homogenous power flow across all engine speeds, agility and free-revving response, high economy and a throaty engine sound reminiscent of the race track.

Numerous details adapted from motor racing, such as dry sump lubrication and FSI petrol direct injection, interpret the laws of driving physics very generously, all to the advantage of the Audi R8.

As well as these great technologies established through motor racing, the new Audi R8 incorporates many other new principles. Foremost is the mid-engine concept. With this concept, the power unit is located ahead of the rear axle. A design principle adapted from racing technology to ensure the new Audi R8 has racing pedigree and extreme agility.

Thanks to the concentration of the masses at the centre of the vehicle, outstanding weight distribution between the front and rear axles becomes possible.

The mid-engine concept works in conjunction with quattro permanent all-wheel drive and a long wheelbase of 2.65 metres to achieve markedly superior traction, high cornering speeds and effortless, agile steering response

sleek and wide and low and... I WANT ONE!

The clever combination of exquisite materials, such as Carbon Sigma and leather, join forces with a high-quality aluminium look to create an authentic interior environment.

A full package, the new Audi R8 is guaranteed to arouse your enthralment and fascination from the first time you glance in it's direction.

At the very heart of this powerhouse is an aluminium engine block produced by low-pressure die-casting. Well adapted to everyday driving, the high-revving 4.2-litre V8 FSI engine is notable for its low weight. At just 223 kilograms, it is amongst the lightest of its kind.

High-strength, thermally stable light alloys reduce the weight even further; which means that the vehicleís centre of gravity can be moved even lower down, providing a further boost to driving dynamics and agility. One major incidental benefit is that the vibrational behaviour is substantially improved, producing palpably smoother running.

As well as this, the new Audi R8 makes use of FSI petrol direct injection for an established technical benchmark for engine efficiency and economical power build-up. The benefits of FSI technology are higher power output, higher torque, lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions.

ready to pounce

Exceeding all expectations on performance and aesthetic beauty, the new Audi R8 also achieves over and above with its exceptional safety concepts. The Audi R8 has excellent braking power and directional stability. In order to ensure the brakes remain effective despite what high load they are exposed to, NACA ducts constantly maintain the required operating temperatures.

Dependable traction and greater directional stability are also key safety features.

These are achieved due to the combination of mid-engine concept and quattro permanent all-wheel drive.

Bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights and LED rear lights assist the driver at night or when visibility is poor, as well as improving safety even further during the day.

The high rigidity of the aluminium body of the new Audi R8 in the Audi Space Frame (ASF) construction ensures crash safety and a weight around one-third lower than that of an equivalent steel structure.

Then there is the seat belt system comprising of belt tensioner and belt force limiter, which, in the event of an accident will promptly tension the belt, bringing it much closer to the occupantís body and appreciably reduce the risk of injury.

Over and above these features the new Audi R8 has full-size airbags for the driver and passenger, activated in two stages, depending on level of impact, high side impact protection, head restraint systems, pedestrian protection, and in the event of a collision, the fuel system remains intact, through an automatic fuel shutoff and a battery cable disconnection.

screen displays what's behind you when in reverse gear

blue area is straight and red lines indicate where you will go at angle of wheels

The steering has the precise initial response that matches the requirements of the new Audi R8. Despite the long wheelbase, the turning circle has been reduced to an impressive 11.40 metres, ensuring absolute precision driving.

Price: Standard R1,358,000. as tested: R1,653,250.






beautiful... absolutely beautiful

yummy... the engine bay with the powerful Audi V8 in

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Photos by Dylan and Kenn Slater


Thanks to Athol Van Heerden, Meena Motiram and all at Audi SA for the excitingly fast drive.

The Audi R8 was / is gorgeous - I WANT, I WANT!