BMW K1300S

"The interceptor, the athlete. Aerodynamic, avant-garde. Do you know of another sporty bike with this profile? A bike that develops incredible pulling power with 175 hp. But a bike you can still take out on a quick trip simply because it has great everyday suitability? At the same time a technological treat? The reasons: 103 lb/ft (140 Nm) from 1293 cc and at 8250 rpm too. With a throaty sound from a cool, hexagonal tube. With catalytic converter and exhaust valve. And with fuel consumption and exhaust emission values which would suit many a machine with half the dynamic performance". That's what the BMW blurb said,,, and it's true



used the fast K1300S on my Durban Dash for 2009

a dirty 1300S on the North Beach in Durban

striking a pose outside Joe Cools on the Durban North Beach

nice and neat cockpit of the 1300S

nice 'n clean again after riding over 1200kms in the pouring rain

loved the Lava-Orange colour

and our very own Redline-customised K1300SR


Words and photos by Kenn Slater

Thanks to Rob Barnes and BMW South Africa for the ride.

All I can say is, the K1300S is... errr... FANTASTIC!