A shot of adrenalin for the classic roadster concept, the new BMW Z4 Roadster, stimulates all senses... that's the opening statement on the brochure. And I agree. To say that the Z4 is dull or boring is like saying that Bungee jumping is slow and dreary.

Driving the Z4 is to me, like (I imagine) going on a night out with Halle Berry. Beautiful and sleek, yet curvy and very well proportioned, with an athletic form that not only looks fantastic, but able to get my pulse racing before she was even warmed up. This is a classic roadster in very way. Lowering myself into the snug bucket seat got me thinking of that AC Cobra I've always wanted to build. I couldn't help noticing how plush everything was in the Z4, I was in the top of the range, R483 000.00, 300 Nm, 170 kW, 250 kph, 3.0i... wow, where was Halle Berry now? In a car like this I'm sure you could pick up any bit of fluff, they should have called it a Hoover. Jokes aside, this baby does stimulate all the senses, even after I'd climbed out of her, I felt that after-glow, that satisfaction of knowing that you've just had the "sheer driving pleasure" of driving a car, not from point A to point B (that's boring), but driving something for the pleasure of the driving, arriving at your destination just becomes secondary.

That sweeping curve of the bonnet, the long wheelbase and low-set seats identify the Z4 as a pure-bred sports car.
The six-cylinder, Double-Vanos (variable camshaft control), light-weight alloy engine of the BMW Z4, works with the specially adapted suction module and BMW's four-valve technology to deliver enormous torque and lightning-fast responsiveness. Activating the "Sport" mode of the optional Driving Dynamic Control lifts the engine's power development to even greater heights, but first make sure you're holding on tight to the steering wheel, as the Z4 breaks into a gallop.
It's brilliant handling and performance are exhilarating. And as we all know, what goes fast must also be able to stop fast, no problem, the Beemer is equipped with ventilated disc brakes on each wheel.

The closer you get to the Z4, the more it touches you.

Photos by Kenn Slater

BMW Z4 courtesy of Auto Glen BMW (Camaro Crossing, Johannesburg) Tel: 011 681 4100