The world's BIGGEST motorcycle


Big Ben was built by Rob Green of Perth in Australia. The bike is powered by three V-12 Jaguar engines, weighs in at 2 tons (2,032kg) and is 24 foot (7,315mm) long, so long it has to have retractable stabiliser wheels to keep it upright. Ex-speedway rider Rob built the behemoth at his garage in western Australia in just nine weeks. He reckons the 1200bhp beast is good for 360mph (580kph), but has yet to find someone man-enough to prove it. The big figures even run to the cooling system. A bank of four radiators need 61 gallons (272 liters) to cool them.

Does it run? "Yes, of course it runs," said Rob, "Although it's very difficult to ride, it takes very big corners on it's aircraft tyres. It's able to do a figure-eight on a soccer field, with the trainer-wheels down... just!  I've had it up to 50mph, the gear ratio on BIG BEN is calculated to be able to take it up to about 360mph and it would probably have to power to do that, but not with me on it." quipped Rob.


Vital Statistics:

Length - 7,315mm (24 foot)

Weight - 2,032kg (2 tons)

Engines - 3 x V-12 Jaguars

Cylinders - 36

Carbs - 12

Capacity - 15,600cc

Horsepower - 1200bhp

(Check out that small, thin, drive-chain. Must sound absolutely great - Kenn)

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