3rd Annual Durban Dash - 17 October 2009

Saturday 17 October was our 3rd annual Durban Dash. Most of our group met at the Total Petroport on N3.

The participating dozen 'Brave-hearts' were:

Peter Van Zyl on his cool Harley-Davidson Road King Classic,

Mark Damons on his big, fast, Kawasaki GTR1400,

Jeff Raper on his fast little Honda CBR600RR Hannspree,

Tony Van Der Merwe on his newly acquired BMW K1200S,

Lohan Potgieter on his 'faster-than-yours' BMW K1200S,

Dewald Day on his immaculate and quick BMW K1200GT,

Andre Harker on his 'bullet' Kawasaki ZX-10R,

Leon Ferreira on his quick little Suzuki Bandit 650,

Leo Ferreira (son of Leon) on his capable little Suzuki SV650,

Jonathan Guy, who rode like a star, on his Suzuki GSX-R1000

Dennis Schultz on his stunning (but dirty) Yamaha YZF-R1

and me on the gorgeous new BMW K1300S (I want one, I want one).

Thanks to BMW Lifestyle in Midrand for the use of their fantastic K1300S, a truly wonderful machine.


3:35 am was when I hit the road on the 2009 Durban Dash

I was on the fast and fantastic BMW K1300S

Jonathan's Suzuki GSX-R1000

Lohan's BMW K1200S

Dennis' YZF-R1

Jeff's CBR600RR Hannspree

Andre's Kawasaki ZX-10R

As scheduled, at 4:30am we rode out to start our dash to Durban, meeting up with Dewald and Tony at Vaal One-Stop (Villiers), where we also stopped for fuel, then we rode on to Monte Vista Star Stop (Harrismith), Estcourt Ultra City and Cato One Stop, before riding into Durban.


Peter's Harley-Davidson Road King Classic

Mark's 1400GTR, Jeff's Honda 600 & Tony's BMW K1200S

parked at Cato One-Stop on the way down

huddled together out of the rain at our Cato stop

We met again outside Joe Cools on the north beach, where we had lunch, a lager or two and then began our Dash home at again.


outside our destination in Durban - Joe Cools, North Beach

Peter and Dewald having lunch at Joe Cools in Durban

even Des Pistorius on his million-kilometre Wing was there to visit us

outside Joe Cools - check the surfers

on the beach-front, in Durbs by da sea

Mark's GTR1400 and Jimmy's little black bomber

happiness is... a BMW K1300S, by the sea :-)

this is what Van Reenen's Pass looked like, both ways - fog going down

rain, rain, rain... and more rain riding back. Definitely not for sissies!


I salute the guys that rode with me on my 3rd annual Durban Dash. Well done!

We didn't have our swim in the sea (again), but we had so much rain that it wasn't necessary.

Everyone rode like a star, we had no incidences and everyone got home safely.

The best thing was I planned the ride and then rode the plan and it worked out perfectly - to the minute.

Times were:  Departed Petroport - 4:30, arrived Durban - 10:33, departed Durban - 12:10, arrived Joburg - 18:00.


Words and photos by Kenn Slater.


2009 Durban Dash certificate

cloth badge (sponsored by Leon Ferreira)