4th Annual Durban Dash - 23 October 2010


Saturday 23rd October 2010 was our 4th annual Durban Dash.

There were only five guys brave enough to ride the Dash this year, due to adverse weather forecasts.

I was supposed to do the Durban Dash on a Vespa GTS 300 Super i.e. But also chickened-out when I saw the weather reports, and just as well, don't think anyone would have managed the storm and winds we had on the return trip. Thankfully I had organised a BMW F800GS for Dylan to use and when he decided to not go, jumped on the BMW instead. A Vespa-Durban ride will happen shortly.


Three us us met at the Total Petroport on N3, with two more meeting at Vaal One Stop in Villiers. The five intrepid motorcyclists, all on BMWs, were:

Robbie Kartus from Johannesburg on his BMW K1200S, Lohan Potgieter from Germiston on his BMW K1200S, Jason Meyer from Standerton on his BMW K1200GT, Allie Viljoen from Sasolburg on his BMW R1200GS Adventure, and me on the on the great BMW F800GS (sponsored by Bavarian Motorcycles in John Vorster Drive, Centurion - Thanks guys!).


Jason, Robbie, Allie, Lohan and me, at Cato One Stop


And what a fantastic machine. Apart from the narrow seat and the little screen, the F800GS was perfect for the gruelling 12-hour  ride.

The tall, narrow, 800GS ran like clockwork - and I really put it though it's paces. Most of the trip was ridden in perfect conditions, except on our return trip - the section between Tugela and Harrismith, where we rode though a mother of a storm, with high winds, driving rain and treacherous hail-filled roads in Van Reenen's Pass, but the 800 BMW was flawless. At one stage (only once) while I was hanging on the cable, I noticed the rev-limiter-light flash on (with 230kph on the clock) and backed-off immediately, with most of the riding done at speeds lower than that :-)


at Cato One Stop - last stop before Durban

the BMW F800GS on the North Beach

F800GS by the Indian Ocean enol

Hot bikes outside Joe Cools

breakfast at Joe Cools

thanks to Bavarian Motorcycles for the F800GS

happiness is... two cool chicks and one hot bike

Allie - without a drink in his hands

Lohan - with his mega breakfast

Jason - one of the few times he wasn't smiling

Robbie - chilling (love that shirt)

the BMW F800GS outside Joe Cools in Durban


We rode out of the Total Petroport at 4:30 am walked into Joe Cools in Durban at 9:16 am, a total time of only 4 hours & 14 minutes, which included four stops along the way. We had breakfast at Joe Cools and then left for home again at 10:30 am. I arrived home at 3:18 pm - a total time of  4 hours and 12 minutes.

I did a total of 1126 kms on my trip, from my gate and back to my gate, at an average speed of 139 kph, using an average of 6.5 litres per hundred kilometres.


Words and photos by Kenn Slater