ECC H-D Bobber

ECC stands for Edenvale Custom Cycles and Bobber for stripped-down to barely street-legal bike.

No frills or tassels or kak, just as little as is required to legally ride the thing on the road... the way it should be.

And of course the bike has to look cool, which Alfie Goodwin and crew at Edenvale Custom Cycles has achieved.


Front tyre is 180/60/16 and without mudguard. Front end stock Softail H/D

Rear rubber is 200/70/16. Swingarm by ECC, pipes are shortened Samson's

this Bobber uses mainly stock Harley parts and 1340 H/D motor. Seat by Deon the Leather Man.

The Bobber style is to basically strip the bike down to its bare minimum legal requirements

(and maybe a tad beyond), leaving the muscle exposed, without all the frilly shit

the bike even has a plate, albeit tiny & illegal


ECC Bobber Spec Sheet:

Motor:    1340cc Harley-Davidson

Front tyre:    180/60/16

Rear tyre:    200/70/16

Seat:    Deon Leather Man

Paint:    Bobby Bulmar

Pipe:    Samson (Shortened)

Handlebar:    Drag Bar

Bar Controls:    OMP

Forward Controls:    OMP

Air Filter:     H-D Heavy Breather

Swingarm:    Edenvale Custom Cycles

Rear Mudguard:    Owen

Tanks:    H-D Softail

Front-End:    H-D Softail

Indicators:    Pro One

Tail Light:    Edenvale Custom Cycles

Grips & Pegs:    H-D Softail

Brake Hoses:    Sean - Eden Machine Shop


Words and Photos by Kenn Slater


Bike supplied by Edenvale Custom Cycles

Specialising in servicing and customising of Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Tel: 011 452 5963