Introducing the Canadian-made Goldammer BTR-3 Motorcycle

Take a good, long, look. It's got lights, brakes and plenty of attitude!

World Champion Custom Bike Builder Roger Goldammer of Canada won the AMD (American Motorcycle Dealer) ProShow World Championship award with this hand-crafted broad tracker. Roger wanted to 'evoke the style and spirit' of the Twenties and Thirties racer, but with contemporary engineering ideas and solutions. He wanted to pay homage to the riding style and sense of speed that the racing machines of that high-risk era represented, but also produce a practical street-going motorcycle that rides as good as it looks. Well he succeeded... by winning the World Championship Award.

This is what the 2004 AMD (American Motorcycle Dealer) ProShow World Champion Custom Bike looks like.

must sound brutish with those straight-though pipes,

rear suspension,

attention to detail is obvious, rear lights in saddle (can't call it a seat)

a labour of love

World Champion Custom Bike builder Roger Goldammer with his BTR-3 Goldammer.