Harley-Davidson 5/7

1941 Flathead


Harley-Davidson owner by Pat Nolan. This is how they built them in 1941

Gear-shift on the tank, suicide-clutch on the floor rigid frame with sprung saddle,

front brake where the clutch normally is, ignition Advance and Retard control on the left and

(whew) normal throttle-control on right, reckon you'd have to be sober to ride this machine.

Springer front-end

drum brakes for front and rear binders

your basic Harley air-filter of the time

Nice... I could learn to like this


Harley-Davidson 1941 Flathead Spec Sheet:

Engine: Four-stroke, side-valve, 45 degree, air-cooled, 45 cu in (742 cc) V-Twin

Fuel: Linkert Carburetor

Compression Ratio: 5:1

Power: 24 Horsepower

Gearbox: Three Speed

Brakes: Front 28mm Drum Rear 36mm Drum

Final Drive: Chain

Battery: 6 volt

Ignition: Coil

Frame: Tubular Steel

Front Suspension: Springer Fork

Rear Suspension: None

Weight: 670 lb (304 kg)

Fuel Capacity: 3.5 Gals (15.9 liters)

Oil Capacity: 3.8 qts (4.3 liters)

Tyres: 4.00 x 18

Tope Speed: 68 mph (109.4 kph)

Price: $490 (In 1941)


Word and photos by Kenn Slater