Harley-Davidson Street 750


When I was told to do a review of the Harley-Davidson 750 I was so excited because, although as a journalist Iím supposed to be unbiased, I have a soft spot of Harleys. And I remember my first impression as I swung my leg over the low saddleÖ NICE! Nice because it was low enough for me to get both feet flat on the ground at standstill and thatís important for me, Ďcos it gives me confidence from the start. Fasten the helmet, don the gloves, hit the button andÖ that familiar rumble of a Harley - lets ride!

Initially I thought the 750 would be less powerful and therefore slower than itís bigger sibling, the Sportster 883, but this was not the case, this little bike pulls strong from idle to the rev-limiter and it handles just as nicely, thanks to the nimble profile and tight 1535 mm wheelbase. I also thought the handlebars were a bit wide at first, but then discovered how easy it is to turn the bike around in tight spaces, itís a pleasure to ride, it fits me perfectly, which reaffirms my suspicion that Harley built this bike especially for small woman like me.

We were all warned as kids about playing in the street, but the street is where the action is. The Harley-Davidson Street is a bike built with one purpose in mind - to make the most of it. The Street 750 was made to meet the demands of navigating the streets. Quick moves and turns come easy when youíre threading through whatever life decides to throw in your path. 

They say that at the heart of every motorcycle is its engine, well the engine on this little Harley is a gem, the engine has an instant throttle response to master the urban jungle, itís a willing, water-cooled, free-revving and powerful 749 cc unit Ė strong enough to propel the bike from naught to a hundred in mere seconds and fast enough to push the needle past the 175 kph mark.

The Street 750 is light at 223kgs ready to roll, and low, with a seat height of 710 mm, and powerful with 58 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, itís long at 2225 mm from tip to tail, with a fuel capacity of a tad over 13 liters. I love the neat bikini fairing, the mag wheels, all the black painted bits and the comfy seat, the only thing I would change is the tail-piece of the exhaust, to bring out that pure signature rumble of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin.

Drive is transferred through a six-speed gearbox, via belt drive to the rear wheel, while brakes are single discs front and rear. Tyres are 100/80 R17 up front and 140/75 R15 on the rear. The 750 is fitted with a single gauge, with electronic speedometer, high beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, and low fuel warning. Only thing it doesnít warn you about is how addictive the Street 750 can beÖ I want one!

Words and photos by Lee Slater

Thanks to Cara, Pretoria H-D and Harley-Davidson SA for the ride.


The Street 750 is a great, little bike!