17th Annual


Our 2011 17th annual Joburg to Durban Run started on Friday the 22nd July at Vaal Star Stop (Villiers). Departing on a crisp winter's morning we ran our second Toll Plaza (Wilge) and continued along the N3, while the rest of the group shot up ahead I set my cruise-control to 130kph in order to conserve my rear tyre and save fuel (this was the second week of petrol-industry strike) and wasn't sure if we would get fuel along the way, needless to say I cruised past the group at Monte Vista Star Stop (outside Harrismith) and rode all the way to Tugela One-Stop on one tank of juice (from Joburg), filled up and rode all the way to Umdloti on the North Coast before filling up again.

Ronnie, Annie and the guys at La Mercy had laid on a welcome table for us Redline Riders with a few cold frosties and Liqueurs to enjoy, get us chilled and in the mood for the wonderful weekend ahead.

some of the guys at Cato 1-Stop

at Umdolti beach


The eighteen fabulous people on the 17th annual 2011 Joburg to Durban Run were; Dewald and Warnia Day (BMW K1200GT), Eddie and Elsabe Kymdell (BMW K1200S), Lohan and Lizelle Potgieter (BMW K1200S), Dieter and Rosa Laumann (BMW R1200RT), Jason and Teresa Meyer (BMW S1000RR), Corne and Lizelle Stoltz (BMW K1200S), Flip and Rudie Opperman (Suzuki GSX-R1000 & BMW S1000RR), Robin and Shirley Dawson (Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird), Janek Majewski (Suzuki GSX-R1300 Hyabusa) and me (BMW K1200GT).

Jan and Lourens who joined us on our Poker Run (Honda VFR800 & Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade).

The 11 fantastic bikes on the Run were; 8 BMWs, 2 Suzukis and 1 Honda


The 2011 Joburg to Durban Run group outside La Mercy Beach Hotel:

Dewald, Warnia, Eddie, Elsabe, Lizelle, Lohan, Dieter, Rosa, Teresa, Jason, Lizelle, Corne, Flip, Robin, Shirley, Rudie, Jan, Lourens and Janek

Rudie and Flip cleaning each other's bikes


9:30 Saturday morning we drew our first cards at La Mercy and hit the road on our Redline - Joburg to Durban - Poker Run. Second draw was at Chief's Cabin in Chansthal, third card at Phat Boys in Scottburgh, forth on the beach in Margate and the last card was drawn back at La Mercy Beach Hotel. Corne Stoltz took the R400 prize-money with the best hand of trip sevens. Thanks again to Warnia Day for helping with the card-drawing on the Poker Run.


on the beach in Scottburgh with our bikes (photo by Shirley)

Corne and Lizelle on their BMW K1200S

Shirley and Robin aboard their Honda CBR1100XX

Dieter and Rosa on their BMW RT

our bikes parked in Margate

Dieter, Rosa and the gang at the Wimpy in Margate

Teresa and Jason in the Margate Wimpy


Sunday morning I rode out of La Mercy at exactly six bells (ahead of the group), again riding a slow but relentless 130kph, arriving home in Johannesburg at Noon, with still a tiny bit of tread left on my 12,000km-old Bridgestones. So all-in-all I did the entire trip, from Joburg to Durban, La Mercy, Margate, back to La Mercy and back to Joburg on just four-and-a-half tanks of fuel (roughly 1538kms on 86 litres of petrol) and didn't pay one single toll fee. And for the first time ever I was the first home from the weekend, which just goes to show, its not necessary the speed that counts, but consistency, maintaining a good average speed. The GT's on-board computer indicated an average speed of 116kph with an average fuel consumption of just 4.5 litres per 100kms.


Shirley (Miss Behave) at Wilson's Wharf


Looking back, the 2011 Joburg to Durban Run was perfect in almost every way, we had perfect weather the whole weekend (a massive storm blew in on Monday), we had the nicest bunch of people you'd ever wish to meet on motorcycles, and most importantly, everyone arrived home safely from the Run, the only small mishap was when Janek lost his footing and dropped his Suzuki Hyabusa in Margate (standing still thankfully).


Words and photos by Kenn Slater