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Aerial Photography

Aerial photo of Durban, with the Drakensburg in far distance

one of the entrances to Durban docks

export car park in Durban harbour

vehicle transport ships in Durban docks

Durban Yacht basin from above

Durban South Beach - looking towards uShaka and Bluff

looking south from La Mercy beach

La Mercy Beach Hotel (on left) from Blade 350QX and Gopro

Cape Town, Robben Island and surrounds from high above

view from God's Window, Eastern Transvaal

flying over the Klip River - in Winter

flying over the AfriSam quarry, you can see Kibler Park in the distance

AfriSam's Eikenhof factory and quarry

selfie... there's me flying the Blade over the AfriSam pit

AfriSam Quarry Blasting

calm, just before the blasting

and away she blows - the earth shook beneath my feet

a split second later

27 tons of explosives in action

a perfect blast, all the rock falls on the quarry floor

pics taken from our Blade 350QX quadcopter


looking north from high above our office :-)

looking east from 100m above our office :-)

looking south from high above the deck :-)

looking west over Southdowns :-)

very high above Mayfield Park

Klipriversberg Recreation Centre

Klipriversberg Nature Conservation Centre

Klipriversberg Nature Reserve


micro-lighting over the Klip River :-)

aerial view of Rand Water Board Zwartkopjes in 1998

Sunningdale Drive in 1998

Kibler Park shops area in 1998

our swarm of micro-lights flying over Parys

Parys, as seen from our micro-light

Flying above another micro-light

Mall of The South nearing completion

Sunset over Southdowns with GoPro, about 500 meters above deck

Blade 350QX with GoPro

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated position.

Platforms for our aerial photography include micro-lights, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters,

and in our case (mostly) remote controlled multi-rotor choppers.


for Aerial Photography contact Kenn on 082 413 5773


Please note that ALL photos on my website are only small examples

of MUCH BIGGER photographs :-)


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