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Zimplats Ngezi Mine

Zimplats Ngezi Mine, Zimbabwe

workshops and offices above ground at Ngezi

entrance and exit to Ngezi Mine

driving down Ngezi Mine incline shaft

inside Ngezi mine

Conveyer system under construction... suspended from roof

worker-bees inside Portal 3 of Zimplats Ngezi

Portal 2 of Zimplats

above-the-ground conveyer system at Zimplats

the Dome at Zimplats - see Road-Train arriving on left

Road Train of Zimplats in Zimbabwe  - 2014

AfriSam Eikenhof Quarry

inside the quarry pit (also see Aerial Photography)

the rock face

the AfriSam aggregate factory



Kelvin Power Station

feeding the furnaces inside Kelvin Power Station - Johannesburg


Gerhard and Lucas discuss big honing job

Lucas at work honing

honing machine head

Moser Hard Chroming

chromed shaft comes out the tank

chromed shaft being measured for size

Piston after coming out chroming tank

Gerry and Steven applying finishing touches to chomed piston

hydraulic shaft gets a final polish


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