MZ 1000S

I could see myself riding the MZ 1000S to Cape Town and back... no problem.

Nice sharp, tri-angulated lines throughout the design

comfortable for riding

MZ stands for Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk

Passion built this motorcycle. Uncompromising, sporty, Pure and dynamic. "State of the art" and more. It is time... time for the MZ 1000S.
Being one of the world's oldest motorcycle manufacturers is an obligation. For more than eighty years, successful in racing, successful on the road. And, after a long journey, MZ is prepared for tomorrow. Modern, Computer-based and with the toughest test circuit in the world, the Ore Mountains. In vehicle testing, the automotive industry is MZ's benchmark. At all times, in every respect MZ is more than a production plant, more than a factory, it's their passion.
Sporty, Dynamic, Passionate. The driving dynamics are awe-inspiring. The comfort is superior. The high performance engine in connection with a tubular chassis and a powerful brake system are a kind of condition and a distinctive character of the MZ 1000S. The design interprets classic design values in a futuristic way. Desire for dynamics, And more.
Sophisticated aerodynamics and ergonomic technology saves energy. The intelligent lightweight construction provides more usable power and the innovative instruments delight through precision and ease of use. With its aggressive face, sharp body lines and distinctive tail section, the MZ 1000S takes us into a whole new motorcycle dimension with a new standard in motorcycle technology. A strong inline, liquid-cooled, twin cylinder, 4 stroke, 999cc, 86 KW (117hp), 95 Nm engine powers a 6-speed cassette gearbox. A dual exhaust system with 3-way catalytic converter expels clean spent exhaust gasses. The MZ 1000S engine concept is unique in its alignment. The most powerful series twin cylinder inline engine worldwide. Optimum power development, low noxious emissions, low fuel consumption and all this at the same time. That is not only modern, it is new. That makes them not only proud, but the MZ also damned fast. Weight was saved everywhere but not compromised. They chose the strongest chain. Quality-coated with sealing rings, constructed for long life. That's coming on strong for the MZ 1000S.

Sexy, fresh-look front lights,

overall... one very lekker motorcycle,

The cockpit... all the essentials at a glance, even adjusting rebound of the forks is a breeze

The dual tube bridge frame made of highly stable chromium molybdenum steel (CMDT), allows extraordinary road performance. In contrast to other bikes, the MZ 1000S is not only designed for uncompromising sportiness, but also features fully adjustable suspension, sporty or comfortable - even individual. The upper and lower fork bridge is a high pressure alloy casting. The removable rear subframe is exchangeable in the event of damage. The advantages compared to aluminum constructions are impressive. Higher rigidity at an equal weight, more stability and a longer life.
The dual- cantilever- swing arm is made of highly stable aluminum alloy and therefore extremely rigid. The optimal kinetics of the rear wheel suspension combined with the high quality, fully adjustable rear shock for individual chassis tuning. These principles are not only to be felt when riding the 1000S, they also make the bike absolute magic to ride.
The holistic design of the 1000S glistens with engineering competence. Individual in both worlds - engineering and design, sovereign in every situation and from every perspective, dynamic in realization of power and appearance. Therefore the driving performance of the 1000S is not only convincing, but purely addictive. This philosophy continues in the tail light design: the perspective for the others - that is the MZ 1000S. The high-quality suspension is fully adjustable. Rebound, compression and hydraulic spring preload are way above class standard. An external compensating nitrogen reservoir optimizes heat dissipation for consistent damping. Fully adjustable inverted forks work in an equally convicting manner. Suspending the MZ 1000S precisely and providing optimum control.
The wheels continue the design concept. Patented and new: Twin System wheel, exclusively produced for the MZ. This revolutionary technology enables a 10% reduction in rotating mass compared to cast rims. Precisely balanced 3.5 x 17 front and 5.5 x 17 rear. A unique look and a magnificent technological feat, a feast for the eyes.
The brake system proves the concept of the 1000S, uncompromising. 320 mm full floating dual disk brake and four-piston caliper provide the stopping power up front. With a single 243 mm disc brake in the rear. Both brake and clutch levers are adjustable. The true build quality is reflected in the brake system, the MZ has one of the best.
MZ believe that you should always have everything under control. The multifunctional electronic instrument with its individual design is extremely light weight and precise. Analogue speedometer and odometer with 8 control lights. Multi-function display with mileage, trip odometer, coolant temperature display, digital clock and warning flasher. A unique instrument in design, function and ergonomics.
You could call it obsession, their love and lust for detail. The MZ 1000S proves once again their top priority is high technical aesthetics in functionality and material engineering. Quite simply, perfect. One very lekker motorcycle.

easily adjustable rear shock

made for the open road

Technical Specifications:




liquid cooled, 2-cylinder inline, 4 stroke, 999 cc

Max. power

86 kW (117 hp) at 9000 rpm

Max. torque

95 Nm at 7000 rpm

Top speed

230 kph - on the Reef


Front: 120/70 ZR17.  Rear: 180/55 ZR17

Front brakes

320 mm, double disc brakes, four piston brake caliper

Rear brakes

243 mm, single disc brake


upside-down forks / central suspension swingarm


dual tube bridge frame

Seat height

820 mm


1445 mm

Weight, with out fuel

210 kg

Max. load

197 kg

Tank capacity/reserve

20 l /5 l


Thanks to the guys at Classic Cars & bikes for the ride,

the MZ1000S is a great bike... I just loved it.

You'll find them next to Kyalami race track, Tel: 011 466 2998.


OH.... and just when you thought it would be slow.      photos by Kenn Slater