Moto Frisoli Racing 1100 Corsa


this carbon-clad beauty weighs only 135kg wet

worked air-cooled Ducati engine makes 135bhp and 135Nm

big Dave Frisoli hand-made the pipe

loads of carbon to save weight


MFR Ducati Corsa Specifications:

Ultra light Ducati with BST carbon-fibre wheels, carbon-fibre fairings, handlebars and tank.

(Swingarm soon to be replaced by a carbon-fibre one).

1100 cc air-cooled Ducati engine (breathed-on).

Wet weight of 135 kg (ready to ride).

135 bhp with 135 Nm torque (average Moto2 bikes only produce 60 Nm torque)

Single 'wave' front disc brake.

Lightweight billet dry clutch.

Hand made exhaust.

No parts are off the shelf items.

Made over about 6 months by Dave Frisoli (of Edenvale Ducati fame).


words and photos by Kenn Slater