Nissan Navara 3.0 V6










Shift - A single word that captures more than a vision. More than a philosophy. But a dedication to looking at the familiar in a different way. To opening the mind to new ways of thinking. And to forever advancing the way people move through the world.

The 7-seater Nissan Pathfinder. Ingenious functionality. Rugged strength. Relentless, both on and off-road. In a shift away from the convention dividing SUVs into utilitarian trucks or luxury cruisers, Nissan has stretched the boundaries, combining highly engineered performance capabilities with premium equipment and authentic 4X4 good looks in a vehicle that lets you map your own destiny. Standing tall and broad-shouldered with its bold styling, the Nissan Pathfinder boasts 17" alloy wheels and roof rails, as well as a sun roof that allows you access to fresh outdoor air.

Even in the most intimidating surroundings, there’s no need to sacrifice interior comfort and versatility. The Pathfinder is roomy and versatile, with generous specification that makes it ideally equipped to accommodate not only all your family, but all your family’s activities too.

With 64 different ways to arrange its seven seats, there’s enough room for everyone and everything you might need along the way. The second row of three seats each fold individually, with just a pull on a lever. Concealed beneath them are two useful, secret storage spaces that keep your personal items safe and out of sight. The third row seats also fold separately and, when they are both lowered, leave a large load space that’s conveniently flat. Even with all three rows of seats upright, you can still enjoy the most luggage space in the segment. If you need to remove something small from the luggage area, you don’t have to open the tailgate, as the rear window opens independently.

The Pathfinder has huge cargo capacity. By folding down the second and third rows as well as the front passenger seat, you can create an impressive 2.8m long load space. Take away the fuss and worrywith twelve hooks to secure a cargo-retaining net and a tonneau cover that pulls out from the second or third row of seats to hide your luggage from inquisitive eyes.

An intelligent fusion of powerful 4x4 capabilities and dynamic on-road performance, the people-friendly Pathfinder is an unmistakable seven-seater, standing tall and broad-shouldered with its bold styling, sleek 17" alloy wheels and roof rails. 
Immense power, superior comfort and functionality, state of the art handling, cruise control and versatile interior space now come together in a 4x4 that really lets you tell better stories.
Whether you’re cruising on the highway or navigating a rocky ravine, the Pathfinder’s comprehensive safety system ensures that you and your loved ones finish every journey as you started it: full of confidence.

The Pathfinder’s ABS anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels from locking even during emergency braking, so you can still steer around unexpected obstacles in your path. ABLS (Active Brake Limited Slip) controls all four wheels and prevents wheel slip. Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) automatically regulates the pressure to the front and rear brakes, achieving the maximum braking efficiency for the road conditions, and if you have to make an emergency stop, the Nissan Brake Assist system automatically increases the braking force and reduces the stopping distance. Finally, if you need to make an evasive manoeuvre, the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system uses sensors to automatically control the brake pressure on individual wheels and maintain the engine output to enhance vehicle stability and keep you in control.

With ventilated discs front and rear, the latest generation anti-lock system plus brake assist and electronic brake force distribution (EBD), Pathfinder’s brakes deliver short stopping distances in an emergency and have excellent resistance to fade: the system is highly competitive with the brakes found on premium brand SUVs. Pedal feel is on a par with the best car systems.

These impressive active safety features are complimented by effective passive safety: front and side driver and passenger airbags, curtain airbags from front passengers up to the third row, side impact bars, front active headrests and seatbelt pretension at the front with load limiters to avoid neck and thorax injuries.



Words and photos by Kenn Slater


Thanks to Nissan South Africa for the drive,

the Navara lets you explore more, go anywhere you want, whenever you want!