16th Annual


20, 21 & 22 March 2010

There were twenty four people on fifteen bikes on our 16th annual Redline Run - namely (and in no particular order); Dennis Schultz on his Yamaha R1, Lohan Potgieter on his BMW K1200S, Theo Prinsloo on his Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird, Jason & Teresa Meyer on their BMW K1300GT, Len & Dawn Latham on Len's BMW K1200RS, Ian & Merie Lacey on a Suzuki DL1000, William & Henta Cox on their Triumph Rocket III, Mel & Liza Wilmans on a Suzuki M109 Boulevard, Duppie & Adele Du Plessis on their Honda VFR800, Koenie & Geraldine Renison a BMW R1200GS, Dewald & Warnia Day Dewald's BMW K1200RS, Johan & Yolanda du Toit on a 1800 Suzuki Boulevard, Johan & Fransien Dreyer on their Kawasaki GTR1400 and me (Kenn Slater - the organiser) on my little BM scooter.

getting ready to ride outside the Fouriesburg Inn

Ian and Merie on their Suzuki DL1000

at 'The Cabin' outside Clocolan

Merie and Liza having fun riding the 'wild ponies'

Mel and Liza cruising on their loud Suzuki 1800 Boulevard M109

on the road to Bethlehem from our Poker Run

Adele and Duppie (2+3)

Yolanda smooching her BIG Johan (du Toit)

Johan and Fransien Dreyer

some bikes parked at 'the' Inn

Theo's immaculate Blackbird

Lohan's problematic BMW (Bring Mechanic With), it was the battery this time

more bikes parked at the Fouriesburg Inn

Dennis and Lohan catch a chuckle - probably talking about a Honda

it wouldn't fit inside the door... so we had to park outside

Geraldine and Koenie with their 2010 Redline Run shirts on

Len and Dawn (all the way from Scotland)

Jason and Teresa

Dewald and Warnia (love that T-shirt)

Theo Prinsloo - missing his 'trouble & strife'

Liza and Mel

William and Henta

William's Triumph just could not take the pace, she broke

Dennis' clean Honda outside his room

Dennis - saying he came alone... on a Honda of course


Words and Photos by Kenn Slater

Saturday the 20th March 2010, some of us met for breakfast at the Block House One Stop (a few had departed earlier on Friday). Departing after nine, we rode via Heilbron, Petrus Steyn and Bethlehem to Fouriesburg.

Sunday after breakfast we rode out onto our Redline Run Poker Run, which took us to Ficksbrug, Clocolan, Marquard, Senekal, Bethlehem, Clarens and back to base in Fouriesburg.

Best-hand and the R480 kitty went to William Cox with a pair of fours and a Joker. Well done William, maybe the R480 will come in handy when he fixes his big Triumph bomber.

Monday after breakfast we said our farewells and headed for home. A great time was had by all, with a little rain on Friday and Saturday.

I did 1000 kilometres on the my Run, after refuelling and riding twice around the block

Next year we'll do it all again, just differently and better :-) See ya there.