T-Bucket Hot Rod

Andrew Potgieter's silver 1917 T-Bucket

a true Hot Rod

only the bear essentials

wide wheels in order to put the power down

sounds like thunder, goes like the clappers

Big Block Chevy V8

brute sound, brute power

Jaguar XJ6 diff and rear-end


T-Bucket (1917) Spec Sheet:

Engine: Big Block 454 Chevrolet V8

Carburettors: Twin 650 4-barrel Edelbrock

Transmission: Turbo 400 Automatic

Differential: Jaguar Limited-slip 3.08 ratio

Tyres: Front: Firestone 195x50x15 - Rear: Mickey Thompson 290(18.5")x50x15
Front Suspension: Ford traditional 'I' beam
Rear suspension: Jag XJ6
Interior: Dolphin gauges. Carpeting and leather upholstery by owner
Body: Fibreglass 1917 Model-T

Grill: 1932 Ford - modified
Time to build: 9 months


Photos by Kenn Slater