mmm... is this bike art or what

plenty hours and bucks spent building these babies.

Z1300 Bad Company

 Bad Company...  all 1468cc of it

Smooth Operator... almost nothing beats the sound of a howling six-cylinder

Obsession and Bad Company together, looking like two sexy geisha-girls on the beach.

Destiny... and the gang

check the attention to detail

the whole Baywatch-gang at the beach in PE

Louis Swanepoel of Despatch (PE) works for Transnet as a millwright and his hobby is customising bikes and doing custom spray painting in his spare time. He has been doing so since 1984 and is well known in biking circles for his excellent workmanship. He has won many prizes with his custom bikes since 1992. At that stage he owned a Susuki Katana "Striker" that he customized and won 25 custom concouse competitions. Motor Show organizers recently discovered Louis, with the result Louis has already received 5 invitations to different motor shows including Auto Africa.  He has a humble personality and shares his custom ideas with everyone, even his competitors.
Louis has customised four Z1300 Kawasaki’s to date and has just started a new (Z1300) project.

Louis has won many concouse competitions. Of all the competitions he has entered, Louis only had one 2nd position. He normally enters one Rally per year and has won several Buffalo Rally concouse titles.

The 1300 that won the 2nd prize is a 1980 model with only 13,000 original kms on the speedo, of which he did about 9500 km in the last 6 years that he had it. The one that won the first prize, also a 1980 model, was completed in March 2006 with the project taking him two years to complete.

The engine capacity is slightly larger as it is fitted with 1468 performance pistons. It has parts of different motorbikes fitted to it to change the appearance and style. It is also fitted with parts that was custom made by Louis himself. The other four 1300's took Louis a year each to complete. It is very difficult to calculate the amount of hours that goes in completing a project like this, but is easily R300,000 to R400,000 worth of labour.   Words and photos by Terius Buys.